Broken your website?

It can be tough to keep your website up to date and ticking all the boxes for your consumers – let us handle that while you take care of your business.

Let us manage your website and keep everything up to date.

support starts from £19.99 a month

What's website maintenance?

Web development is actually just the initial stages of your website. Web maintenance involves maintaining it on a daily basis to keep things running smoothly and ensure it continuously functions at its peak ability.

What does website maintenance include?.

There is no tool that will fit every single project and every single site on the web. There are so many different features and options one can implement when developing or redesigning a website using newer technologies such as PHP, WordPress, Joomla and such. The following links keep track of some of the more widely used platforms online:

  • Errors and bug fixes: – The investigation for and resolution of any issues found on the site (for example a contact form not working or a page of content being mis-styled).
  • New site changes (excluding content): – Implementation of new page layouts, updates to page styling and the addition of and update of site functionality.
  • Installation and configuration of new plugins: – Installation, setup, configuration and testing of new plugins.
  • Patches and upgrades: – Installation, configuration & testing of platform upgrades, patches and security fixes.
  • File scanning: – A regular scan to monitor any threats to the site from viruses malware or hacking.
Why do you need website maintenance?

Every business with a website is dependent on it for bringing in business and we understand that most businesses focus on making their site work for them – and rightly so! What most people forget is that websites need maintenance and with so many different things going on the issues can pile up fast leaving your customers or potential customers unable to access your page or worse still, compromising the security of your site. A website maintenance service takes all of this away from you – you can concentrate on doing what you do best while they deal with any issues – making sure everything stays maintained, secure and working properly at all times while consumers can enjoy safe transactions knowing their information will never be compromised.

Monthly website support from only £19.99


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